What is he thinking? He says he cares, but doesn't prove it, in my opinion.

We started dating a year and a half ago but broke up a year ago due to distance (he broke up with me...he said he lost feelings for me but whenever we saw each other it was like we were never apart). He still says he cares for me and keeps a picture of us up in his room. I've tried moving on, unsuccessfully, but he has moved on perfectly fine to 2 different girls (both have ended). After our breakup we remained friends and I think I still have feelings for him, he meant a lot to me and I seemed to have meant a lot to him while we were together. I was hurting too much while he was with the second girl so I told him I didn't want to talk to him anymore. About a month ago we were in contact again, then last week he picked me up from the airport and we hung out the rest of that night. A couple nights later we hooked up (not the first time since our breakup) but it felt meaningless and just more of the motions (it didn't last more than 5 minutes). Today is the last chance I could see him for 8 months and I don't know if he realizes that. He claimed he wanted to hang out today but was doing nothing about it, making no official plans so I stopped pursuing. He claims to care, but I don't think he's proving it. Sometimes he can be the nicest/sweetest/caring guy but other times he can be a real a**. Anytime our relationship has been brought up he always says it's just because of the distance. He won't discuss it any further. I just want to know if he cares and if he doesn't why does he say that he cares and why does he say he misses me? Why did he offer to pick me up from the airport when he knows he doesn't have to? I want to be his friend, but I get so upset when I hear about him and another girl...i get really jealous. He always asks if I've hooked up with anyone and most of the time the answer is no... the answer has been yes twice. What is going on through his head?! Am I friend? a hookup buddy? an ex girlfriend? a nuisance? any advice is welcome. I need some straight answers please!

Thank you.


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  • They say actions speak louder then words.

    • that is a very good point...

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