Not feeling it anymore with boyfriend. Taking him for granted or move on?

I have been with my boyfriend for one and a half year. It feels l have suddenly lost love interest in him and see him as a friend now.

If he doesn't reply to my text or email I do get sad and check a lot to see if he replies still but not as eager as before anymore. I won't miss him as much when I don't see him.

Before I could not live for 2 days without seeing him and now I can go on for more than a week. Is this normal because you are with a guy for a long time already and something? Or is it that I have lost interest of him all of a sudden?

When we have an argument before I would do nothing but think of how to make up with him and try to contact him right away by any means but now I do other things and wait for him to say something.

He doesn't seem to be going through this and is still the same as before and its only me that feels this.

Should I leave him or stay? I am confused. Is this normal for couples since they have been together for one and a half year?



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  • What you're describing is perfectly normal and it doesn't necessarily mean you don't love him. In the beginning when you're all hopped up on these exciting new romantic feelings it's like being high. You just can't get enough of that other person. But your emotions will usually calm down once the infatuation/honeymoon period fades after awhile of being together. You don't feel the constant need to be around them and you're more comfortable in the relationship in general, which could explain why fights don't bother you as much. The love transforms into something more calm and comforting than passionate and exciting, although there should still be some amount of passion and excitement left.

    If you're still attracted to him, you enjoy spending time with him, and you miss him when he's away, even if it's not as much as it was before, then you probably do still love him. But if you don't feel anything like that left then maybe it would be best to reconsider the relationship.

  • If your mind and heart is not in the relationship you should leave. It's the best for you and him. Dragging him around and being in a fake relationship is not a good way of living. So break it off. You are not wrong for doing it. :)

    Here is tips on how to break up with him:

    1. link / link /

    2. deal with it afterwards: link


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