Ever regret not going further?

This is going to sound very weird, only because whenever most people breakup, they regret doing stuff with their ex. However, my ex and I never went below the belt in the 10 months that we were together. Sometimes, I secretly wish that I would have done more with him because I was in love with him and still am.

So my question is, has anyone else felt this way before? Is this normal? I remember back with my first ex, I felt bad that we had never shared a kiss after we broke up. (Even though we were young and that relationship didn't last long.) However, once I got my first kiss, I was happy with the person that I shared it with and was even more happy that I never kissed my first ex.

My friends have told me that if I would have gone further, such as sex, (with my last ex) whenever he broke up with me, I might have really regretted it and that they respected me for not rushing into things. However, I will admit that I fantasize about having sex with him sometimes; although I remember how scared I felt about going further because I am not the most experienced person when it comes to sexual activities. My ex and I took new steps that I had never experienced, but he went further with his last girlfriend than he did with me. He's also four years older than me.

Is this weird? Am I just thinking about things too much? Has anyone else ever felt this way? As I always viewed it, you can always do stuff with a person in the future, but can never take back the past.
Ever regret not going further?
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