Help me please just help me.

Me and my ex boyfriend had been dating for 11 months everything was great until about 4 months after we had been dating we just started fighting he would always say crap like I don't love him even though I really do a lot and I still do but into about 5 months in we took a break and he met this girl during the break the break only lasted about 2 weeks then we wwere good for about another 5 months then we started fighting again then we just broke up completely and stopped talking I wanna talk to him though..he doesent answer me on his Facebook he was hugging this really pretty girl turns out it was the girl he talked to during the break...i feel so deppressed what do I do


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  • You still young and learn to move on, remember this too shall pass. If a person whom you have given over year and a half instead of being appreciative and be with you chooses someone else.

    Remember the only way to be happy is when you cross the bridge(break up in relationship) burn it behind you, have this rule to save yourself from future heartache.

    I mean give everything you can when you are in relationship, even tell the person that they are most important and priority of your life.

    However if they choose to break up warn them that you'll not take them back and never take them back.

    There is plenty of fish in the sea and seriously sounds like this person was creating fights only to break with you even disrespecting you, you really don't need someone like that who would intentionally lower your self-esteem so they don't feel guilty about being an a-hole .


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  • It is normal for you to be hurting A LOT You will move on though it might take time just be patient.and whatever you do do ot date him again don't even talk to him your in that stage of a breakup were you miss him and wanna talk to him but don't no matter how bad you want to the more you talk to him the harder it will be to get over him and if I were you I would be done completelywith him .


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