He says miss me a lot, what should I do cause I'm confused!

I just got out an relationship a few weeks ago. Well my ex boyfriend was happy to hear cause he told me miss me on his birthday. Also he was happy to hear from me on xmas. Mind you I had told him that I would join his birthday but he didn't want to invite. Yet he happy that I'm single. We were going to out today but things went wrong were he acts too smart. We started talking like high school but its didn't work out. :( Where he wants to be charge. Don't get me wrong I don't mind he be in charge but its like its he still scared. Before I got involved he was going to have me meet his family which is a big move. I'm not over him and he not over me. He is a little cocky but I want to open up more. He told me I'm with better but its like distance hurts us. I had told that I want to be with him. He is still scared yet he won't open up as much...What should I do? Tell him to forget about me or give him more time...


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  • Do t get back with him

    • So your saying don't get with him.

    • Yes don't, sorry for typo

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