Should I meet him or what?

It's been a month since my ex broke up with me. I'm trying to move on now but still not totally forgot the feelings he was my first. A guy started chatting with me on Facebook for 5 days now. We've been talking 24/7 and I guess 80% he likes me. He is a very decent person and I 50% liking him. he is easy to talk to and caring. He wants to meet me and we set a date and place but I'm hesitating..should I meet him; I don't want to be in a losing relationshit again and I want my final relation leads to successful marriage. I'm still 17 and of course if we got in a relationship 90% won't lead to what I want. Although he will help me to move on, I may hurt him because I'm broken already..I won't be fixed easily so what should I do? I don't want to lose him but I'm not a selfish person


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  • You know what if I were you I would just go ahead and meet him what's there to lose anyway


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  • well, it never hurts but to see how it turns out, hey maybe you'll gain a stronger friendly relationship than a romantic one but go for it, and as my mother would say, be careful!

    • but maybe I'm not ready for it..what if that was a date and he wants to tell me that he loves me what should I do.. to make it work I think I need to tell him that in a decent way?

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    • Are you a hot Mexican girl?

    • to bh6676r942 sadly I am not hot Mexican girl BUT I am Mexican girl with heart!

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