Sudden break up; theories?

A month ago my girlfriend (well ex) of over a year broke up with me.

It happens. Its not the end of the world, etc... I'm OK now, looking forward and all that.

But still, I'm really confused about her decision. It was just so sudden.

Only a week or two earlier but we were saying how much we had realized we really liked each other after a work-enforced month apart and we were talking about the future and maybe getting a place together and other serious stuff.

I saw her on the Wednesday and we had a fine time, all seemed well, but then on the Saturday she sent a message saying she wanted to break up.

It's really confusing how she suddenly about faced like this. She was always the one far more into me than I was into her, she was all ready to move in with me months ago but I said we should wait. I always suspected that if we did break up I'd be the one to do it.

Any theories?


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  • I would assume one of two things; either

    A) she found someone else or

    B) she realized that she is afraid of commitment


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  • It sounds like she has someone else. Esp if you were apart due to work or whatever. I'm sorry to hear she didn't explain herself better and you wsnt through that.

  • she met someone who shows her a lot of attention

  • Sounds like she found someone else.


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