Why don't my ex call or text me as much?

I don't get my ex and maybe I really shouldn't care at all. I mean after all he is just and ex that happen to be my frien btw.. my question is why haven't my ex been contacting me. Like the last time I talked to him was the day before Christmas. And also we talk for a few minutes because he said he was at chruch and all but also said he would give me a call later. But when later came he never did but that didn't take me by surprise, he was like this when we dated. But then again when I come to think about it he doesn't haft to call back if he don't want to he's not my boyfriend. But the fact is I just don't like when overall say they going do something and then don't makes me mad. But see my ex and I work together that how we met and since all the employees been on vacation until it time to go back to work. He hasn't try to reach out to me since then. But on a work day... he would also hit me up after work and to see if I wanted to go have lunch with him or just hang out. But now I don't know it's like he hasn't done that at all. But see on work days he always ask me a day I hafr to work later or don't have enough time to hang with him. But see this is a good time to hang out and see each other because no one has to rush or and call and text. But can any body tell me what's going on, I delete his number out my phone so I won't be tempted to call him or text. But why dose he pick work days to want to hit me up, call me and hang out instead of hitting me up when we actually have time.? Thanks


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  • You need to realize that things aren't going to be the same now. He's not going to put you first and rush to call/talk to you. He probably asks you at work because its convenient and you're there. It sounds like he's treating just as a coworker who is a friend. Which is what he should be doing. I think you need to try to move on and not worry about the way he's acting. You need to go on with living your life without him. If he asks to hang out at work, cool go for it. But you also need to remember the more you see him out of work including lunch dates, the more you aren't going to be able to get over him and move on with your life. In order to move on you need to completely take him out of your life (other than when you have to see him at work). No texts, no calls, nothing.

    • Yes your right. I do because that the only way I will learn and move on. But for now on... if he wants to hang out with me, I'll just tell him no. Because it's really not helping me move forwards... and plus us him and I having sex and kissing should not doing all of that either.

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  • he's your EX

  • he is your EX that's why

    • Yes that is also true. He is my ex.. and I should not worry abou him as much and just be a friend to him.

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