Guys: should I forget about him and delete his number?

Going to summarize as best I can... We were on and off with texting, when we both got busy we both kind of disappeared. The first time when we just started talking, I was gone and hardly had phone access, but we talked about some pretty deep things already but then it got slack.. Then a month later, he contacted me again. It progressed, got more intense until he had to leave for a month so I let him be although he did apologize for being busy towards the end. Then it continued when he got back but we were never able to see each other due do circumstance. Well even when it got a little slow, I would still get random texts even if it would take him a while to respond, but he initiated. Then towards the end, he just got cold and distant and I tried to see him but of course, just my luck, I couldn't and I felt like a jerk and he didn't really give me reassurance when I said I felt like an A-hole for it which was really strange... he usually would. But beyond that, we both admitted that we liked each other, talked about being together, he even told me he imagined us together once a whole scenario... and I said that when he got back in a few months, it would be easier because I wouldn't have any issues coming to see him. But I hadn't heard from him in over a month. I wished him a Happy Thanksgiving last with NO response which I thought was really weird and rude to be honest... Why would a guy get so cold right before leaving for a while? I would have been there for him... Could he just be holding off until he gets back? It'll be at least 5-8 months.. But why wouldn't he at least say thanks you too?

Honestly, why would a guy do that? Would he have REALLY lost interest in a couple weeks after a 4 month thing? I doubt he was trying to get some and he even said so himself. I had this happen to me before and I was hurt, but more so this time because he actually said he felt for me which no one else ever has.. If he's disappeared before, do you think he'll come back like always? Or should I just forget about it and move on?


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  • It depends on the level of distance. Depending on whether he's being distant cold, or if he's resistant.

    Something like this you would have to figure out for yourself.

    But... if he's being distant towards you then there's a reason for it. Maybe he's disappointed for some reason and he's politely trying to slowly turn you away.

    However...if he's just resisting you, then it's usually a sign that he wants you to try harder.

    • How can I determine? I mean in a way I mentioned that the timing was bad for both of us but we kept going because he's the one who said he could see it working out (this was pretty early on when I asked why he came back the first time). Would it be a dumb idea to send something on new years? What could I send? He's worlds away for half a year now :/

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  • That is the best way too


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