Why do some cheaters go back to their gf's/bf's? would you forgive a cheating partner?

im just wondering why do some people who cheat on their bf's/gf's wana go back to them? I mean if you had to cheat on your lover then clearly you were not satisfied in some way so why go back. my boyfriend cheated on me now he wants me back but I just don't know. he slept with another girl so I don't even think I want him back, yes I love him but I've lost my trust in him. I don't even wana care anymore. would you forgive a cheating partner?
  • Yes, if I really love him/her
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  • No, never it id unforgiveable
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What Guys Said 1

  • Well they go back to them because they love them If you don't love someone there is no reason to back to them


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd eventually forgive them but I don't know If I would take them back.


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