Who is it worst for?

The ex girlfriend or the new girlfriend when they both meet. If they were both at a party and they met after the ex when out with the guy for like 3 years.The ex girlfriend broke up with the guy because he cheated on her. With other people before the new girlfriend got with him.Who would would it feel worst for. Why or Why not?


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  • The ex girlfriend obviously. He cheated on her. She may or may not have feelings for him still but either way there's tension there. Plus now she's seeing the guy that fucked her over happy with a new chick even if she isnt. Then she has to be at a party and pretend she doesn't care that he's here and with a new girl. And it would be awkward. The other girl would be feeling maybe a little intimated and awkward but for the ex its a whole stir of emotions.

    • Yes this was me yesterday at a party. I talked to the girlfriend but I don't talk to the ex. After I broke up with him he tried to get back again at first I wanted to but he had done it more than once with other people. She doesn't know about it because I'm sure he just told her his side.

  • it would feel worse for the old girl she got cheated on


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