What do you think of the ex girlfriend?

If an ex girlfriend broke up with her ex of 3 years after he cheated on her with other people. Now the ex boyfriend gets a new girlfriend after some months. The ex girlfriend and new girlfriend end up meeting in a party. She's friendly to her and welcomes her as well as talks to her.


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  • One of two things:

    She means well and wants to be peaceful with you. She might Facebook-stalked you to find out you were your boyfriend's current squeeze but there's also a chance that you hit it off well. I've noticed that I often tend to get a long well with the exes of my exes, individuals who I usually met without previous knowledge of their dating status.

    On multiple occasions, I met ex-girlfriends I'd be getting along with, then they would randomly mention his name and we'd get to talking a bit, as women usually do. It's happened in cases of flings where we ended well and things that did NOT end so well. I've noticed that women often exchange information in relation to exes or potential partners. How these conversations go depends largely upon many factors, such as on what terms the relationship(s) ended, if they were still in contact, how long, etc. I also find that people are way too quick to blacklist all exes when in actuality, they could often wind up becoming your best friend. This has also happened. You'd be surprised how much you could have in common with someone who has dated the same person as you. I've often found that we had many other compatible traits.

    OR... She could have manipulative intentions of some sort and is trying to gain leverage, which ALSO happens quite a lot. I've seen/had this happen too although nothing ever came from it. You can usually spot these types like snakes in the grass but like I said, I feel that people (ESPECIALLY in the United States) tend to go to extremes with exes, even those from relationships which ended on positive terms. Most aren't the cunning jezebels that the media and insecure people would have you believe.

    A few times, I had no idea who the exes were but I could tell that they somehow knew me and were engaging me a lot, only to find out that they knew I dated so-and-so and I was THAT specific (insert my name here).

    Just play nice. ;) Her friendliness is probably her trying to diminish any weirdness between you two and encourage you to open up for a.) a friendship and/or b.) to talk about him. (Even if her intentions are pure, you guys might wind up swapping "stories" if you know what I mean.) Since he cheated on you, it's probably very likely that she's jonesing for a heads-up, not that I blame her.

    Good luck!

    • Well it seems that everyone is aware he's cheater except her.

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