Why its not a good idea to move in with your boyfriend at 19?

i only ask because I seen a few people who done this and end up crashing. they never experienced what it would be like with a roommate because they never had a roommate. this friend of mines moved in after everyone opinion'd not to. for some odd reason the guy will leave mess around the house and she spent a year cleaning up after him. I guess this is the reason why lol but what is your reasoning on this? the guy would leave dishes in the sink, clothes on the floor, you get the rest of how a guy lives lol the guy is about to be 23 and he just wanted to be taken care of like his momma did him


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  • Most 19 year olds of either gender have NO experience living on their own and being responsible for EVERYTHING about themselves. And the more they were coddled and "taken care of" by their parents, the worse they are going to be when on their own the first time. And in fact, the stress of being on their own can make people even worse then they normally are.

    That's what you are likely getting into when you move in with ANYONE at that age: a roommate that is either messy, doesn't respect your stuff or boundaries, can't manage to pay the bills, keeps you up all night, or whatever. You'll learn that a lot of people don't live like you do, or have the same values and morals that you do, and they'll be difficult to live with.

    Most people get better with time and experience (and others need to live on their own forever), but at 19, most people just don't handle it well, and normally the "most responsible" person ends up having to clean up the mess and gets stuck with the problems and bills.

    Then, if you add the additional problems of a romantic relationship on top of that, you have a recipe for chaos and potential life-changing issues, such as pregnancy.

    I recommend that if you're going to move in with someone, move in with them, and keep your name off of all of the bills and lease, so that if things don't work out, you can move out and not have your credit and ability to rent screwed up for years. Obviously, you should be responsible for yourself and not screw your roommate out of bill money or whatever, but you don't want to get stuck in a situation you can't get out of either.


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  • Well my sister moved in with her boyfriend at 19 and ended up having a kid unintentionally so that's something that happens. As for the dishes and things that is something you have to sit down and have a serious conversation with the guy before you move in with him.. I definitely wouldn't live with him if you think he is just going to use you as his maid. That would be very bad for everyone involved. You should feel comfortable with every aspect of living with someone before you do! Hope this helped and good luck!


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  • Because you aren't given the chance to go out and figure yourself out on your own. I think it's important to live independently for a while. With no boyfriend to lean on or parents. Helps you build your character separate from others.


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