Please help me. What do I do in my situation?

I feel like I really need to get this off my chest & ask some other people some opinions.. My boyfriend & I have been dating on and off for 4 years now... we first broke up due to a drinking problem on both our parts..i decided to stop drinking & I changed my attitude completely.. 2nd time we dated I was so nice to him.. I spoiled him, drove him around, paid for food & drinks which normally I never do... I love him so much so I wanted to show him how good I've become and proud of who I became.. I thought the whole time he was the same but one night he got arrested for soemthing and I was left there stranded, clueless with his car and phone and I had to deal with it . you can imagine how upset I was myself because I was confused. so I look through his phone and realize he was making fun of me . he was still drinking behind my back, had disrespectful pics of his ex still etc. I was SO hurt.. we didn't talk for 6 months and then he all of a sudden messaged me..weve been together for a year now again. when he messaged me,he wanted to see if I still loved him... he came back to me and promised he'd treat me better... I believed him and told him I'd see how it goes.. then a couple of months later I found some pics on someone elses FB of him going out behind my back ... I asked him how can I trust him when he's doing stuff behind my back still?i got so angry and upset I was mean and called him an asshole and disrespectful because I'm actually keeping my word and always have and he's still behaving... he felt really bad and apologized repeatedly and started treating me better. this whole past year he's been pretty good, he buys me gifts, drives me ALWAYS now, and pays for our meals and everything. he says cute things he's romantic and cuddly etc...OK so now to get to the main question...last night my brother showd me a pic on one of his friends lists on FB of a pic of a guy drunk who looked just like my bf.. and I know we didn't hangout that day it was posted because I had exams then for school. igot upset and showed him and he flipped out... my bfs overly jealous for NO reason yet he starts accusing me how I'm picking this fight to go out for new years to party with some other guy?! (even though I Haven't drank now for a year... since I promised him I wouldn't and I don't have any inappopriate guys' contacts in my phone and he's seen all this...) yet he aways accuses me and is rude and harasses me... and tonight he threatened to come and take back his Christmas gifts he gave me because I don't deserve it..i would never say such things to him.. he said he just wants an apology that I'm wrong.. and I did apologizeand said if he was mature we could fix this..yet he kept being mean. he basically dumped me now for "accusing" him. even though he's the one who made me have trust issues and promised me he'd help me get through them yet here he is dumping me insted of helping. & above all he told me to tell my bro he's an idiot for getting in "his way" and causing our breakup. what do I do?


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  • Wow he sounds like he is treating you lie a dog. I wish you nothing but the best but you shouldn't let someone do you like that. Making fun of you and then telling you he loves you? I just don't see that at all, and threatening to take presents back? That is being a pure asshole, no other way to put it. I really would get out of that if I was you, I don't even know you but it really upset me reading this post. No girl deserves to be done like that. How childish can a guy possibly be?

  • Maybe try to give it some time then just try to work it out with him when he calms down.You and him have had yoru ups and downs but I think you and him both can work through this. It just sucks how what happened towards the end, etc. But I still think you and him will get back together.It will just take some time and patience.You have been doing a good job working on yoruself.You even stopped drinking.So you should be proud of yourself. I think you just have to work more on your trust issues.Trusting someone is so important in relationships.


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