Should I surprise her with a trip to Rome?

Me and my ex girlfriend broke up 5 months ago. We have been communicating on and off for the past few weeks, we have slept together twice in the last two weeks. Couple of days ago I met her and told her I still have feelings for her and I love her. She told me she still loves me but doesn't trust trust in when I get upset with nasty stuff which hurts her. But I never mean what I say it's just in a heat of an argument.

So I'm planning on surprising by taking her to Rome for the weekend. I know she's still single

It's going to be the last roll of the dice to get her back.

Should I take her to Rome or am I wasting my time.


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  • That's a sweet gesture, but it would be all for nothing if you aren't able to convince her that you are willing to work through the things she doesn't trust you about. If you don;t mean to say what you say during the heat of an argument (we've all been there), then here are some practical steps. 1.Acknowledge that you are upset. 2. Address the issue, as opposed to saying something that will hurt her, like attacking her character directly. 3. Communicate that even though you are upset, that you still love her. She needs to be secure in that regard, else she won't completely trust you. If you love her, then doing this would be a greater grand gesture.

    Good luck to you, and hope it works out.

    • Well I asked her and sent her the screen shots of the flight details, she didn't even reply to my messages. I know she read and received them because I done it on what's app she's been online since a few times. She's basically just ignored me. Well it's done now if she hasn't even got the courtesy to even say thanks but no, she's not worth it.

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  • Jesus, no.

    Here's why:

    If she doesn't trust you, a trip to Rome is just a Band-Aid trying to fix a broken leg. Might be a very big Band-Aid in this case, but it still doesn't address the larger issue.

    A trip should not be a panacea for an unstable relationship; it should be a way for two people in a happy, stable relationship to enjoy time together.

  • Woah

    STOP (...Hammer time)...jokes, look;

    1 who broke it off?

    2 why did she or you break it off?

    3 and this is a big one:

    If it didn't work in round one? It's only a matter of time. Travel, children, marriage = short term fix (unreliable TRUE indication of future behaviour and compatability due to heightened stimulation and excitement ).

    Stick to reality for at least 3 months before you dangle that carrot buddy...

  • I say a trip doesn't solve the larger issue so deal with THAT issue. That will make her happy. Get engaged, do something to show her/prove you're real.

    • I know the trip won't solve the issue but it's a gesture showing how much she means to me and what I'm willing to do to make amends

  • Trust can't be bought back with a trip to Rome. It's the little things that will.

  • You might want to get her trust back, before you jump into this relationship again and then take her to Rome. Work on this issue of yours, because it's a big fault, if you ask me.:/

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  • Wasting both time and money. A trip to Rome, or any other such place, is for healthy relationships, not rocky ones. Do you seriously think the stress of the money, logistics, and extensive time in close quarters with someone she doesn't trust would do anything but cause problems?

  • Wow. Don't do that. Waste of time and money.

    First of all, you can try to get her back in a better way. Not one that makes her leave the country without a say in the matter, totally not accounting for her plans or schedule.

    Second of all, if you did get this for her, she probably wouldn't go.

    Try to get her back. Tell her how you feel one more time. Try to show her your trustworthy, but if it doesn't work, move on.

    Don't buy your way back into her life. If it works out, take her on a trip.

    • I'm not trying to buy my way she knows I'm not like that, but I want to show how much she means to me and willing to make a massive effort to sort things out. I have tried other ways she's confused to what she wants hence the trust matters. It's basically the last roll of the dice if she says no at

      Least I know I have tried plus I can get a refund

    • What if she goes with you out of guilt. And you get back and nothing's changed?

      All I'm saying is, if she loved you back, I don't think she would need a trip to Rome to convince her to stay. I hope it works out for you, I'm just saying, that's a lot to spring on a wine right away, especially if you don't know if ey are going to say us or not

  • Have someone else ready, in case she doesn't want to go. But if you really want, then go for it! Just realize that she may not want to.

    • Yeah I realize she may not want to go but it's the thought that counts a nice gesture to show her how much she means to me and I'm willing to do this to sort things out

  • It's not going to work, it'll be a disaster and ruin the relationship for good.

  • Do not take her to Rome.

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