Having ex boyfriend problems, feeling lost?

So my ex and I had been together since this past January, nearly a year with about a three month break in between because he just decided to not talk to me for a month or so. Obviously I broke it off, but when I did he admitted to loving me (which did not change my mind). Well when fall semester rolled around and I started to see him again and he'd come around my work I couldn't help but rekindle feelings that hadn't left because we hadn't really ended on bad terms. Over the semester I decided to join the national guard and I leave in about 3 weeks now but he grew very distant from me after telling him my decision and following through with it.

The night after finals were over I was up at the bar and he came up, called me and told me to come outside where he broke up with me saying he couldn't see being with me for years and that he didn't love me. Now at this point in our relationship everything was good, things were smooth and I did love him I hadn't said anything about it yet. I asked if it was because I was leaving he told me no and said along the lines of 'I wouldn't be able to not cheat on you while you're gone'. I lost my shit at that point was done with the conversation and left the bar.

On Christmas he decide to text me tell me merry Christmas and tell me how hard these past couple days have been without me. I told him to fuck off.

Two days later he confesses that everything he said was a lie, that he was so afraid of me leaving because of what happened with his ex when she left and never came back to him, that he did love me and saw our lives together.

I just don't know what to do at this point, when I type it up everything seems so childish and teenagerish, which I'm far past that point. I love this dumb ass but he's fucked up twice now. Should I tell him no all together, should I wait till I get back and see what happens or should I try and patch things up?


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  • Just tell him tonget lost and move on that's what I would personally do


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  • It sounds like he's just stringing you along. It's best to let him go.


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  • I think you should tell him no altogether cause if he hurt you twice the more likely he'll do it again


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