Associates Degree in CA, but moving to NV for Bachelor's. Is this possible?

Both accredited but having an Associates Degree from an online college. Would I have to be a NV resident for a year to obtain an education in campus there? If so, is it possible for me to take an online college course while finishing up my CA Associates Degree in Nevada so I wouldn't have to pay non-resident tuition? Any other info would be appreciated! Please and Thank You. And sorry if it's kind of confusing to understand


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  • It differs by each school. You would need to get in touch or check out the website of the school you're interested in transferring to.

    You won't need to live in state for a year to be able to go to school there but you will most likely have to pay out of state tuition. Some schools waive that depending on some circumstances such as proximity and such.

    But like I said, it depends entirely on the school.


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