Are his feelings real?

so there's this guy, I've known him for about 4 years now, and we've only been friends and nothing more. I've always had a little something for him but never acted on it. so 2nd semester junior year he moves to a different school so the feelings I had for him went away. then the beginning of senior year he comes back. him and I had a class together and we kinda clicked. so we talked and flirted and insulted eachother a few times. then comes my bday and he makes it a big deal and hugs me like crazy.the next day he texts me and we kinda got into a conversation of him always being a jerk to me and picks on me. he told me why finally, its Because he likes me... so then I didn't look much into it until he started giving me these amazing long hugs, with his whole body just against mine. they were straight up awesome. eventually I started to have feelings for him and I finally told him, he tells me that he still feels the same but didn't find the point of acting on them since he's moving again next semester but to a different state. we didn't go out or anything. but kept having amazing hugs and hung out at school as much as possible before he left. one day before we go on our winter break we had 2 hours together in that class, and he kinda felt me up during the movie. I didn't mind of course, I am a girl with needs lol. anyways the next day he stayed after for me so we could spend some time together, he made it a surprise. but I didn't stay after so he had to walk home.. a 2 hour walk... felt so bad. so now things are a bit off.. he tells me he talks to other girls. and he doesn't text me as much anymore. I don't know what happened. I know he's leaving soon but why is he acting so different now. and was his feelings for me even real? sorry I wrote alot. just want to know what's going through his head. he doesn't share much, one of those boxed up type of guys.


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  • They are. Perhaps during the two hour walk home he realized that his feelings for you were becoming stronger and it wouldn't be wise of him to continue acting on those feelings since he is leaving soon, which is why he acting different.

    • I second that. He's realising how fast he's falling for you and is protecting himself.

    • That actually does make sense. and maybe it is true. I just never thought a guy like him would even get the idea of falling for me. I never thought he liked me more then he lead on since he constantly flirts with other girl right in front of me.

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