Why do guys cheat when the girl they had gave them everything

my ex has cheated on me this whole year while I was pregnant with your thrid child since he met this girl he has changed he didn't care about getting a job or helping me out when I had no one else to help me I want him to get a job make his own money but since he has seen this girl he has changed for the worst we have tried to male it work but he won't stop trying to talk too her via Facebook text or phone I told him he can move on if he wants but I won't wait around for him and then he puts me down even thoe I know nun of it is true what I'm getting at is why can't people see the good they have in their lives before its too late ? I'm the best wifey I cook clean look after the kids don't drink only on special celebrations I don't expect the best in life just the simple life I will never met my soulmate


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  • If I had an answer for that, I would have been saving some souls! But, unfortunately I remain as clueless as you. But he's clearly a douche bag. You need to kick him to the curb and forget his trifling a.s.s. There are real men out there, mature and not afraid of commitment, and are family minded. Let that one go, he's not worth your time or tears. Oh, and you should expect the best out of life. I mean, why not?! You sound like a great person.


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