Any Good Advice On Winning Back a Girl?

I had known a girl for over 2 years. At the time I never expressed to her how much I liked her even though we were very good friends. One day we got into an argument which I later apologized for. This was over 6 months ago. I have only seen her once since then. We talked for over and hour then and things seemed to go well. I now realize how much she means to me and would like to get back together with her. I am not sure the best way to approach her after 6 months. Looking back I think she really liked me but I did not pick up on her signs. Ladies, what could a guy say or do for you to win you back? What could a guy say to win your heart? Thanks.


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  • Well, its been a long time. I'm thinking being straightforward, upfront.. 6 months has been long ENOUGH...

    And sometimes, just saying sorry..or, I like spending time with you...or simply..I LIKE YOU..makes a good ice breaker.


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  • Give her a bracelet and say "please come back, I miss you".


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  • For starters, pick up the phone and call her to catch up. Convey your interest in her by Inquiring about the logistics of her day-to-day. Mention the small things about her that she wouldn't expect you to remember to convey your interest in her. Then, go from there.

    Winning her back will likely be a gradual progression, so it may be best to take things slow, as opposed to going for a home run shortly after touching base with her.


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