If you've been cheated/abused in past relationships, did you ever turn out a cheater/abuser too ?


And have you ever picked up a habit of your ex ? Either good or bad ? What did it ever make you feel like when you end up being with someone else ? Just wondering
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  • No, it (along with other things) turned me off from relationships entirely to where I have no interest in them.

    So that notion that it creates people that lash out with what has affected them isn't true, at least not for everyone. I've known others who have been cheated on that it didn't affect like me, nor did it turn them into a cheater themselves.

    • What do you mean by "it" turned you "off from relationships entirely" ? Are you pertaining to the fact that you lost interest in having a relationship ?

    • Yeah. It wasn't just that, but I'm not interested in rushing back to a relationship like I need one. While others will be more cautious but still look for relationships.

    • I see what you mean

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What Guys Said 2

  • I can smell a person like that miles away. Why would someone cheat his girlfriend? I never got this thing. For some animal instincts? anger?

    • Lol you can small a person like that miles away..?

  • I never turned out to be a cheater/ abuser I haven't had one after we broke up, never a habit


What Girls Said 1

  • Interesting question.

    I was in a verbally and sexually abusive relationship.

    I am not verbally or sexually abusive, but I can be manipulative, but that's something I subconsciously do. I honestly don't realize that I am being manipulative sometimes.


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