What should I say/do to move our relationship to the next level?

The last month or so I've been hanging out with this girl. Mostly, she comes over to my house and we cuddle and watch movies. We haven't officially gone out, but we've gone places together, hold hands in public, and make future plans together. (Nothing serious). She cares about what my friends and family think of her.

How should I bring up us becoming more? I really want to make her my girlfriend, but I'm nervous she isn't to that point.


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  • I don't think I've ever had a guy ask me to be his girlfriend, the relationship just progressed naturally. I have had guys say things like "I told so and so that I couldn't go to the game because I had plans with my girlfriend" or "I don't share my lady, so I hope you're not going out with anyone else but me" and other comments along those lines. It was his way of telling me he sees me as his girlfriend without us having a discussion about it.

  • Ask her what she is looking for with you. A couple of things can happen:

    1.) She could say (which in this situation, I think it's a pretty likely chance) that she really likes you. If that's the case, express to her that you feel the same way and you want to make it official.

    2.) She could also say she's not ready to take that next step. If that's the case and you really do like her, wait a bit. You guys should try more active dates such as playing a game of pool against each other, go to a game of some sort, or a concert. Make it a fun date where you actually do something!

    Since you guys have been hanging out, I think it's a good sign she is interested in something more! Good luck! :)


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