Is my boyfriend just using me?

at a party while dancing with a group of people this random guy pulled me towards him to kiss me, I pushed him back. and I told my boyfriend about it and he wasn't mad at all. I'm just wondering... shouldn't my boyfriend be furious. we've been together for three years


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  • Has he shown signs of jealousy before? If not, then maybe he's just not the jealous type. It could be that he trusts you and knows that you wouldn't cheat on him or kiss another guy. The opposite isn't that good either though, there are guys out there who'd fight a guy for accidentally bumping into their girlfriend.

    Have you talked to him about it? If you feel somewhat upset about it, just mention it to him, see what he says about the situation.

    You've been together for three years, it could be he's thinking that other guys are no threat anymore because he knows you'll stay together.

    • yes, the question is, has he shown signs of jealousy before?, then we can tell you more.

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