Rebound or something more?

Long story short my ex's mother was trying to hook her up with her best friend's son.

Over the last few weeks she grew distant and eventually it came out she went on a date with the guy during the time she wanted space from me.

I made the mistake of trying to get answers instead of just dropping contact for a little while. Last time we talked she said she didn't want to be with anybody due to all the stress in her life(this is entirely true) and is just going with the flow of things. Two days later she changes her FB status to In a Relationship.

Is this a rebound, true love, is this girl confused, or something else? I ask because she just met this guy at most 1-2 months ago. She had me sleeping over and playing the boyfriend after a very short dating period too so I am wondering if this is a pattern.
Just learned she bought this guy a Xbox One and game. Over $600 on a new dude? She is not rich, in fact she already has over 3k in doctors bills and surgery on the way with no insurance.

Amazed at the type of person I spent 6 months getting to know.


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  • Okay I'm sorry to say this but this is absolutely insanse. Not only you haven't said anything to her for this going on but you are her damn boyfriend and you have the right to have a say in this as well. Half a year wuth all your emotions invested on her just for her to hookup with her mother's best friend's son. If she didn't wanna be a part of this she should of said no but clearly this wasn't the case and she had a damn boyfriend.

    Its just mean and heartless to do that to you. Its like you were a temporary accessory to her until she found a better one to use and make it look pretty but also keep it pleased which in this case is the other guy. I say you move on with your life cause she deserves none of your attention. Never speak to her as well. she's the kind og girl who will date a lot of guys when she is interested in them and when all the interest in them fades away and its gone then she dumps them or feeds them with lies and just makes uo dramatic stories. I think you deserve better than someone like her.

    • You're on point. Worst part is we always talked about crazy mutual and past friends who have done messed up things in relationships. One being her ex who cheated on her all the time. She is still friends with him and in fact slept with him a few days before our first date. Others being her sister, aunt, and mom.

      I'm mostly angry I ignored red flags like these when I wasn't as emotionally involved. Sucks to know she treats every new boo special and I was never that important even as a friend.

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  • Some chicks bounce back fast... I was like that too when I was in my early 20's

    • Would you say it's healthy to bounce from guy the guy? I understand casual flings but she wanted me around nonstop and we were a couple in everyone's eyes.

      Now she acts like we were never anything and this new guy makes her incredibly happy after only a month of socializing and two weeks of hanging out/dating.

      We were together for less than two months before she was all goo-goo eyes. Seems to have a habit of going all in right away then getting bored.

    • I mean I was a bit healthier I guess? but yea if I was the one to end the relationship than I was over it when I ended it or I wouldn't have ended it... so After being with one guy for about a year I couldn't stand him, he was to obsesed with me and just not for me... so I broke up with him and within 3 months had a dif boyfriend... Then was with him for a year, great guy but just wasn't for me.. a month after I broke up with him I started dating again and a month later I had a new boyfriend

    • I wouldn't call a three and then 2 month break in between relationships bouncing back fast. Sounds healthy and normal from what you're describing.

      I'm talking falling in love with the next guy and giving him everything he wants before the last guy even knows the relationship is over type bouncing.

  • She is a confused soul. I'm kind of like this too.


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