Cut my losses and walk away? or am I over thinking it?

I connected with a guy when I was home for the holidays, we had gone to school together about 5 years ago and have kept in contact via social media here and there and decided to meet up. We hung out a few times the first time being completely platonic, we just caught up and there was some minor flirting, it was quite enjoyable we 'clicked' as you could say. I ended up getting drunk a couple days later and we had been texting regularly and I initiated having sex with him (he asked to make sure I was sure) I was at the time. That to was another great connection :P A few days later he came over and spent about 5 hours (He chose to stay longer over going out with his buddies) we watched movies, cuddled and chatted. We did end up having sex again at the end of the night. He has texted me now almost everyday for almost the last 2 weeks. A couple days ago though I texted him (only once) and he didn't responded until 2am.. at this time claiming he misplaced his phone and apologizing about 6 times for not texting me all day, saying he had a great time during our visit and that he would be the first to admit he will miss our cuddles and to say goodnight, I of course said not to be silly and no worries. However a very similar thing happened again last night I once again texted him this time later on in the evening and no response. He texted me first thing this morning though saying his phone had died and probably for the best since he was pretty drunk and asked me how I was.. we talked for a little bit, he told me if I was closer he would cuddle me all the time etc. (we are both back at our places now and live 10 hours apart). I did however see him on Facebook via mobile lastnight after I had sent that text too... so what's the point in lying? He seems like a very kind and considerate person and always has even back in high school, maybe not as shy AND I will admit I can't kick these feeling I've developed, the time we spent together was almost perfect but the question is did I just get played? or is there a chance he feels the same way?


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  • it sounds like he REALLY DOES LIKE YOU and you REALLY NEED TO STOP FREAKING OUT ! I don't think he's lying at all. He just has a life. Besides, guys aren't always on their phone like that the way girls are. For him to be having sex with you, and talking to you like that ... trust me he likes you and he indeed feels a connection with you as well. Just please stop freaking out, don't start accusing him of things either ... you might ruin a good thing.

    I don't think he ignored you on purpose, and he does feel the same way


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