(GUYS) Is this a smart move on my part?

All my friends tell me that I should ignore this girl that I feel is using me as a better course of action. She seems to only text me when its convenient for her, she's drunk, or bored. She will ignore any contact I make otherwise or have long response times. She said that she liked me numerous times (even after I insist she doesn't have to act like she does) but I don't believe that shit and I hate being played. I want to call her out on it and I was wondering if this would be a smart move to make. I want to call her out on her constant long response times, flaking when I tell her I'm coming over alone, and just leading me on in general. I know I can't win her over but I rather give her a piece of my mind about fucking with me. What do you think, should I just leaver her alone or do what I said?
Seriously I massaged her body once and then moved in for her vagina and that's when she wanted to tell me stop. Obviously you know I like you why would you let me touch you like that and get behind you, unless I'm being used. She thinks she's outsmarting me but I'm just honestly too nice to call her out on her bull.


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  • Be the bigger person. You don't know, maybe she really does like you and she has things going on in her life. It's better to confront her and get her to tell you her true feelings. Don't give her a piece of your mind yet, make sure you know 100% what she's feeling. You'll feel like crap otherwise.

    • You were completely right. I was blinded by my own feelings that I wasn't being considerate of what she was going through. I didn't call her out, just asked a bunch of questions. She seemed rather upset with the fact that I thought she didn't like me.

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  • Don't give her a piece of your mind! That's a challenge, and any nice feelings she has for you will disappear and be replaced by a sincere desire to screw you over for damaging her ego.

    Instead, ask her questions - politely, but earnestly. What does she want to get out of this? Say that you want a relationship with her. Tell her you don't mean to be blunt, but time is valuable to you, and you're a bit concerned that the two of you are not on the same page. Inform her that if she doesn't see a relationship happening, it's fine, but you'd prefer to play around and flirt and pretend like it's something it's not. Otherwise, if she could consider dating you, you'd be happy to try and work things out.


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  • Tell her everything you just wrote up here and then end it with "...and you know what, your a piece of shit" and then hang up and cut off all contact with her. Being a nice guy is fine, but every once and a while it's gotta feel good to be the "immature jerk".


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