Advice? Should I try to move on from him?

So the guy I've been talking to at my university who already knows I like him has shown all of the signs of liking me, yet he hasn't done anything to prove it. We cuddled and talked for hours while still at school, and now that we're on break, we have been texting and calling almost daily. I truly, truly like him and I actually tried to date someone else and broke up with him because A) The kid I like from school treated me more like a girlfriend than he did and B) I didn't think it was fair to try to be in a relationship when I was falling hard for someone else. This guy I like is protective of me, always caring about me, even helped me move out of my dorm room and I've met his father and we talked for about an hour. I just, ugh, I have no idea what to do about this. I've never been so comfortable with anyone and have yet to find someone that distracts me. Advice portion--does he like me? and if not how can I move forward? Thanks!


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  • If he likes you: It is a tricky situation, your generic male is usually the one who will ask a girl out and start a relationship depending on how the girl feels about it. Some guys (like me, so I do know they exist) would be equally interested in a girl if she had feelings for me. If you like him try asking him out, maybe he wants to but wants to make sure you will go that extra step for him and ask him out? It would show that you are sure about this and will put in your part for a relationship.

    If he doesn't want a relationship with you: It's never an easy thing to accept rejection but it all too common. I'd say the best tactic for helping to move on is focus on yourself. It seems to be something people have a problem with but spend a week (after that it will get easier) looking at your own life. Do you need to get a job? Do you need a better job? Do you need to learn to drive? Do you need to focus on studies? Does your house need a clean? Do you need a new wardrobe? Do you need to see and build up good friendships? Just spend some time making sure you are happy with your life, find a good hobby or social sport/activity to do and make new friends, meet new people.

    It's always easier said than done but every journey begins with a single step and if you take that first step then you have forever proven to yourself that you have the ability to take the first step next time and you won't doubt your resolve.

    I hope this helped,



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  • Maybe like he likes you but isn't sure you like him back. You could ask him to hang out, like on a date but if you don't feel comfortable asking him out on an official date you could ask him to go for a drink or see a movie or even go for dinner one night. See what he says to that. If he says yes, great! You can see how your date goes.


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