My boyfriend's female friend told me that my boyfriend is in love with her?

My boyfriend has a had a female friend for about 6 months. I felt uneasy about the relationship just due to him lying about it. He would say I won't talk to her anymore if you don't feel comfortable ..I said OK. Then he would talk to her behind my back. I would get mad was plain shady. He would tell his female friend that I didn't like her ..I guess she wanted to talk to me to straighten things out . My boyfriend didn't want her talking to me. Which also sounded strange. So she called me ..I spilled the beans on how I felt ..I told her what he said about her she told me what he would say about. She there kind of figured out that he was two facing.. Then here came the explosion .. she said to me I think he is in love with me...she said he got jealous cause she went with some other dude.. Everything seemed fine until she mentioned that..then after she said don't you think its weird that you two have been together son long and don't live together? My boyfriend flipped out after I told him that I conversed with her ..He said it wasn't true that he didn't had feelings for her. Who knows...I am beginning to wonder if she is trying to purposely sabotage our relationship or is she saying like it is..? And I just need to dump him?


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  • If he lies about any female, then there is something gong on, at least in is mind, about that female. No exceptions.

    It isn't likely she'd make this up, since she knows you will ask him about it. He's no doubt lying to you about his feelings for her.

    Who bknows if anything will come of these feelings, but regardless of that..yes, you need to dump him since you can't trust him about even his feelings, let alone his actions!


What Girls Said 1

  • There's not enough information to say. She could be a lying bitch who's trying to sabotage the relationship. She's already trying to make you doubt the relationship by saying its weird that you haven't lived together after so long. People can go 5+ years without moving in and stay in love, depending on the situation. But that doesn't mean something's not there, if your guts picking up on it too. I think its too early to dump him now, but keep an eye on things unless you can't bear it. And I wouldn't talk to that bitch again, I don't trust her.


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