I need a male perspective on this - my ex kissed me?

I'm not really one to use these sites but I need some perspective.

Me and my ex were very close friends before we dated. We had a wonderful whirlwind relationship, everything was perfect, until college started and he broke up with me. It was very messy, and we both left angry. We didn't speak for almost a year, he came back and apologised and said he hadn't stopped feeling terrible about the way he treated me after the break up. I made it clear to him that I was over him and interested in other guys, and he said he was over me. But we started to be close friends again, like we were before we even got together. We were at a movie yesterday, just us two, and he kissed me out of nowhere. Then he kept apologising for doing it and saying that it was a mistake and he regretted doing it.

What is he thinking?


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  • It wasn't an accident. I assume he wouldn't have apologized if you responded well to the kiss. He must still have some feelings for you. However since he regrets doing it, he must also value your friendship enough to back off immediately. Hopefully now that he realizes that you really are over him, he can really get over you too.


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