To those who cheated, was it worth it?

Feel free to ask anonymously. I am not judging, I just want to know the ratio of those who thought it was/is worth it and those who don't.


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  • It's never been worth it to me; even when I wasn't in a relationship and had random dates it felt wrong dating 3 or so guys in one week even though it's technically not considered cheating if you're not really in a solid relationship, but it sure felt like it. It's hard keeping track of who told you what, where you went, who you met where, etc.

    There are so many more things that come into play such as keeping your story straight if you cheat while in a relationship, hoping you don't see that "other" person, hoping they don't text or call you at the wrong time not to mention the extreme hurt feelings on both sides of the spectrum.

    It's extremely draining and I would never do it again.


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