Does he still have feelungs?

Me and my ex boyfriend were together and during that time we've had sex with eachother and we were just happy but antway we ebded up breakin up minths ago and we started ralkin again but I found out he had a new girlfriend and he didn't tell me so I just stopped talkin to him now he's hmu saying he misses me and calls me and stuff but I don't know if he truly has feelings or if he's just playin with my emotions. He always inituates contact but I don't know if this is be us him and his girlfriend are broken up and now he's co in bak ?


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  • Are you drunk asking this? Use the spell check next time...

    You are his rebound/bootycall/fwb. He's playing you. This guy wants to have his cake and eat it too. He'll be with other girls, and when they don't work, he thinks he has you on the line to use as he pleases. If he had feelings for you, he would commit himself. If you don't want to be that girl, then tell him and get out.

    • seriously have to chill. I lost my virginity to this guy I can't help but to feel this way

    • I agree with her actually. I'm really sorry to be harsh but unless he immediately dumps this other girl and pursues you and you alone, he is probably playing you. I've seen it happen too many times. :/

    • I'm not saying what you're feeling is wrong, I'm saying you need to move on if you don't want to continue being played. Losing your virginity to him makes it harder, sure, but it doesn't mean you're bound to each other for life. And it certainly doesn't seem to mean anything to him considering how he's treating you.

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