How do you let an old friend go?

Ok, I know this is stupid and you guys will probably just tell me to move on, buuuut...

I cannot stop thinking about one of my first guy crushes. Like, for years, we were always drawn to each other, but we never really got together. Timing was just always really bad. I'd say everytime I was in love with him, was the time he hated me most, and vice versa. But still, I was never quite able to let him go.

He made moves, but like I just said, I was never brave enough or sure about it to act on them! And I know that after all of this time, he has probably given up on me (I did reject him quite a few times...) , but I just cannot seem to move on! Like, I had boyfriends since then, but still I'm never able to stop thinking about him and wondering whether I should be with him. And I know this is unfair to the other ones, but like I said, I just cannot let him go! He was a high school friend, we grew up together, we saw each other in school every year, made our first clubbing experiences together and so on. I feel like I know him really well and I think that's mutual.. Ever since we've graduated, we've moved to different cities to study, so we don't see each other as often as we used to! But everytime we do, everytime I see him, I feel safe, and I regret everytime I rejected him. Timing was just really bad!

Anyways, how do I let him go? Do I ever tell him how I felt for him? Like, maybe I finally have to confess all of that to him in order to get a honest "leave me alone, I haven't thought of you like that in ages" answer?


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  • look, I will tell you my own experience ! I am that kind of persons who love from the bottom of my heart , and I really really can't get over someone just in one condition and it is ''giving up and acceptance '' , I couldn't ever get over anybody when I was still wondering ''what if I shouldn't reject him that time , or what if I should have replied that message he sent , or what if he still loves me but so embarrassed to show ? '' , all those wonders held me back forever ! the only was I got get over it is when I told him about all my feelings and that I was sorry when I rejected him , he replied that he has never felt the same for someone else but me , but that we had to go ldr and it was too hard for both of us .i was so sad and cried a lot , but at least I could finally sleep knowing that '' I did my best , but it is our fate '' . so my advice for you is just tell him , text him on fb or whatever , tell him that you have always loved him all these years and regretting all that time you haven't been together , but first check if he is not with someone else , and then what is there to lose ? what if he was cold ? IT WOULDN'T MATTER , IN FACT YOU WILL WIN . you will win your own mind and your own acceptance , which is the only way for you to move on . those wonderings you are having will pull you back for ever


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