Made a joke texting and I think she is offended....what should I do?

This is kind of stupid but any help would be appreciated. Been dating this girl for a few months. We're not official yet but its getting thereish.

So here's the story, I gave her a cute little doll for Xmas and she loved it. She started referring to it as her new man (inside joke).

She sent me a pic of her and her friend in bed kissing it and I replied back with : "Not the first pic I've seen of him in bed with girls on each side, don't fall in love with him. Have you?"

Sounded harmless to me, but she hasn't responded to me in a day, which is very unlike her.

I don't want to make it seem like a big deal but now that I've reread the text, it could sort of be misinterpreted as: " I've given that doll to other girls and have received the same type of pics from them".

Am I over thinking or do girls usually think of the worst case scenario and stick to that. Given the time we've spent together, she should know I'm pretty sarcastic and always joking around.



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  • i mean if I was the girl I would assume you're joking that the doll is a player so I shouldn't fall for him lol you could text her and be like "you still taking care of my wingman? ;)" or something silly like that and see if she responds. she might have thought she responded and forgotten or something, I've definitely read texts and forgotten to respond or not actually hit send lol

    • She could have forgotten to reply, but she usually texts me every day regardless

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  • Hate to make you feel terrible, but the way you thought of it after rereading the text is how I would have taken it :/ But again, I don't know you personally and you say she knows you pretty well so would probably know you're just joking. Plus, I wouldn't have not responded because of that... so like browneyedbeauty said, she mostly likely just got busy or forgot to reply or something like that.

    You're over thinking. Don't worry :)


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  • Don't sweat it. If she doesn't get your sense of humor, then it's not a good sign anyway.

    If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be.


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