Advice on how to get over him.

I don't want these feelings anymore, I wish they would just go away. My ex and I have a 3 year old little boy together and we broke up while I was pregnant. I know its absolutely pathetic that I'm still so in love with my ex after all this time but I can't help it. We get along great, we are friends and have a wonderful co-parenting relationship for our son. We spend a lot of time together as a "family". I made a mistake a couple months ago and slept with my ex for the first time since we were together when I was pregnant which was a couple years ago. We have hooked up a total of 2 times which has magnified my feelings for him. Yes, I know this was a stupid move on my part but its very hard to have self control when you really love the other person. I just need advice, if there is anyone out there with any, on how to start moving on. We will never be together. He has made it clear that there is no future for us as a couple which breaks my heart. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life feeling this way for someone. It would be so much easier if I was able to cut ties with him completely but that is impossible. We have a child together. What do I do? :( :(


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  • While it's great that you are co-parenting, you need to limit your interactions with him as a "family". Not only is it confusing for you, it's going to be hard on your son for the two of you to constantly be together and apart.

    Limit the amount of time you are with him, and force yourself to get back into the dating pool.


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  • I'm sorry that must be so hard. I am still attached to my ex that I lost my virginity to and I'm so grateful I didn't have a child with him because I don't think I could handle that. I think what is important is to not let your memory trick you. I tend to forget the reasons we broke up and focus on all his good things. I ruminate on what once was. You need to acknowledge that you miss him and still want him, but that is the pass, and currently you're here, with you're beautiful son at your side and a future ahead. Instead of imagine the what ifs start focusing on the now. I also suggest not being in situations where you can get back together because that will only make it harder. Again, luckily for me I have no attachments to him so I can just leave but you have your son to think about. Don't or try not to be alone with him. And don't make him out to be something he is not. There's a reason you're not together. Focus on you. Focus on your strengths. Look, if you're ready for another relationship, for another man perhaps. Live your life. Not your past. Good luck dear


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