My ex wants me to move in with him?

So I'm will soon be in a situation where I may be left homeless my Ex that I'm still friends with said I could stay with him but for me this is not something to even consider. I've also started to talk or I'm dating someone and he isn't aware of this what to do. I don't not why I care a so much about his feelings but I do


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  • I'm sure he was jus offering to be nice and help you out.

    It's not like you can just move it with a go you just started talking to.

    I understand me why it'd be weird though.

    But get your priorities in order what's more important, starting to date a guy, Or having roof over your head?


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  • The only advice that I can give is to get your ducks in order and think about other options that you have. You can stay with your ex until you find another place to be, or see if a close friend can help you out. I'm sorry though, that sucks. Just keep calm, and hopefully it works out.


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