Why can't I just get over him?

The guy I have been talking about recently, everyone says I should just move on. I tell them that its hard because I feel like I need him. Then they say I don't need anyone. I know I need to move on, but for some reason I cant. I have liked him for over two years now and every time I get close to getting over him I cant. My feelings for him, I can't even put them into words. He makes me feel good inside whenever I see or hear about him, but then when I try to talk to him he yells at me and won't take me seriously. Don't tell me that I need to move on cause I know I do I just cant. So, I am here to ask if anyone knows why I can't get over him.


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  • maybe he is the first person to make you have feelings for another person like that, maybe you feel you won't have feelings like that for someone else, He might be your first love. there is many reason why but you should know your not alone. I'm in the same situation you were in and to be honest I am, I haven't gotten over this girl and I have loved her for 4 years and I wasn't even with her romantically but we were close, 12 months ago she asked me if I loved her and I said yes, after that we never spoke again, I think what she did was good though, if your away from someone long enough you might lose your feelings for them, but I still haven't and I have asked the same question you have as well. I haven't been with anyone in 4 years over it but I think that at some stage will find someone who will bring out those feelings that I had for the other girl. I think this might happen to you, it could happen at any time. maybe you should tell him how you feel,

    • i told him how I felt about him and he just said "i don't care about your feelings for me, keep them to yourself" he's a total jerk to me...this is actually why its confusing me is because he acts like this to me

    • I'm so sorry.thats a very mean way for him to reply. Maybe You should go out with someone. Give someone else a chance to swoop You off your feet. You never know You might end up making him jealous

    • trust me I have tried going out with someone. maybe 5 or 6 people this last 10 months,none of them worked out for me. I guess it's just meant for me to be single for right now

What Girls Said 1

  • first love is tough, I'm in the same situation. its 3yrs counting. they say the only way out of love is a new love, and it all happens naturally. by letting go of someone who isn't for you. you might think he's perfect for you but he's not, because if that were so youd be together. its not that way for a reason. do something creative with the unrequited energy and be open to love elsewhere.


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