Why don't I blast him to everyone?

I am an introvert so I keep to myself most of the time. My ex boyfriend of 4 years cheated on me and my sister and brother in law are still friends with him. When we broke up people started asking my sister what happened and she told them I broke up with him and because I was being indecisive. The truth is he cheated on me but since most my family talks to her that's all they heard. My sister still talks to my ex because her husband is friends with him and to keep the PEACE in her relationship she accepts it. I confronted her but she told me that's his friend and they will be around my ex when they get invited to a party or something. My sister has Facebook so everyone knows she still talks to my ex boyfriend. To protect my sister and not to make her look like the backstabber that she is I have stayed quiet and didn't even tell my dad. I am a real private person so I don't like unless you ask me to say my business. I know how my family is and they will talk bad about what happened. It just shows lack of respect and love from my sister to me. Her husband has done this more than once he always covers for his cheating friends and I'm sure now that I see it he probably is the same way. My sister stays with him because of the kids to make it look like a perfect family. I tried to tell my cousin when we were on the phone but since they feel they know everything they just change the subject. My other cousin had asked me what happened but it was during my sister's birthday so I couldn't lash out. I just feel like my voice has been taken away and he still has the good guy image. I'm not on Facebook so I have no contact with my family. It's been 9 months since our break up but I still I'm pissed that his reputation is intact my family is still friends with him on Facebook. He has a new girlfriend and they all comment on how happy they are for him. My sister is the only one keeping me quiet because she will be looked bad and they will ask me why does she still even talk to him.


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  • you should really tell you family members and closest friends...the whole world doesn't need to know about it, bit at the very least, the people important to you would know what you went through. its your right.

    • I did and they told me to get over it. They all are okay with cheating. My mom got cheated on by my dad so she thinks all men cheat. My sister to keep her family together with her husband will accept anything even cheating it seems.

    • my goodness, ypur family does not have a very good relationship with men. I think the best for you is be the best person you can be, he will stay the unkind person that he is, but you have all the chance in the world to make better of yourself. I know its difficult to just keep everything to yourslef, but don't let him win by constantly thinking about what you should have done, the what ifs, ao yeah I guess, move on and he’ll receive what he deserves sooner or later. that's for sure

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