Should I give up on the guy I like?

I met a guy at my summer job who I am really attracted to. We never got to talk a lot because we didn't work directly together but I noticed him checking me out a lot. He would normally watch me when we were in the same room.

but I was quite shy because I was new in the job and didn't talk to him much.

I didn't seem him again until we were both back at work during the Christmas break. This time we hard more shifts together and talked a lot more. We got along but he didn't seem to notice me as much in the same way anymore. I tried to talk to him at a party we were both at recently. he was polite but not attentive so it didn't go anywhere. Sometime I feel like he might still be interested but then I could just be reading to much into things. I probably won't see him much after the weekend because we will both be back at school. Should I jus let it go? I'm just disappointed because I feel like I blew it by being too shy at first?


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  • You didn't blow it, but if he were interested in pursuing things further, he would have given you more attention at the party. He's probably attracted to you, but knows that a relationship isn't going to work out because you guys don't see each other often, so he doesn't want to pursue anything more. You can certainly be attracted to someone without necessarily trying to make anything happen. I know it sucks, I've been in too many situations like this. Just focus on your self-esteem (it's s great way to minimize the effects of heartbreak) and know that there are tons of people out there. It isn't wise to put all of your eggs in one basket. You can still flirt with him at work if you want to, but don't overlook other guys because of him!

    Brush it off :)


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