What should I do/Who should I go for?

There is this guy I've been dating for a little over a month now that I met online, but we haven't been able to meet in person yet (let's call him A). I don't know if I truly have feelings for him as I thought I did. He's the kind of guy who doesn't put much effort in life, he doesn't have a job, his own car, apartment/home and it bothers me because it doesn't seem like he's putting any effort to get up on his feet. One thing that we agreed upon before we started dating was that he needed to get up on his feet and try to get a job and all the stuff that goes along with that. I wanted to break up for a while so it would hopefully motivate him, and to figure out myself if I truly have feelings for him, because at the moment I'm doubting it. I told him before that I wanted to go on a break, but I one night when I was at a party, I was texting him and claimed him to be my boyfriend, which kinda screwed the 'break' plan up.

There is another guy that I have been talking to (lets call him B), and I feel as if we have a closer connection than I do with my boyfriend. But they are also super close friends, and both my boyfriend and I have a feeling B also likes me. A and I were keeping our relationship on the down-low, and so we didn't know if B actually knew that we were dating, we just knew that he was aware something was going on between A and I. I believe I gave B a huge hint that A and I were together, and the same day he just started distancing himself from both me and my boyfriend. I finally got B to talk to me and to see what was up, and he stated that he needed to sort our a personal problem and that he didn't want to burden his friends with it. But he did give me some subtle hints that I made him happy but that he didn't want to lose me. And that he didn't want to destroy anything, which kinda gave me a huge hint that he was meaning that he didn't want a ruin a friendship.

My boyfriend lives closer to me than B does, but I feel as if I have a closer connection with B. I like them both, but I feel as if I like B more than A.

What should I do? Should I stay with my boyfriend? If not, then how do I break it to him? And what should I do about B?


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  • LIsten to your heart. what's your gut telling you?


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