Does he think we are together?

I met a guy a few months ago and soon after he was sent to a different state for advanced training (he’s Army). We still talked and text almost every other day after he moved. A month after we met, I went to visit him and we spent a few days together. We had a great time and agreed we wanted to keep hanging out. Soon after seeing each other he unexpectedly got deployed. We talked briefly the day before he left the country; he said we could stay in touch through email. I emailed him a week after he left just to check in and he responded the first chance he got just to say that he was fine, asked if I got his last message (which I didn’t), and then explained that internet wasn’t great where he was, so not all messages get through. It does seem like he did email me first even though I didn't get it. He also told me about a stray dog their unit adopted.

Because he left so suddenly, we never got a chance to talk about whether we were dating…only that we want to see each other again. Does he think that we are together? I really like him, so I would like to date him when he gets back, but I’m not sure what he’s thinking. I’m not interested in dating anyone else right now, but I also don’t want to get my expectations up if he isn’t thinking the same thing. That’s not really something I want to bring up in an email that he may or may not get while he’s in a war zone.

Are there any signs I should be looking for that will tell me what he thinks? Does it seem like he is expecting that we are together?


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  • Your not exactly in a relationship, but it sounds like he is using this time to get to know you so when he does get another chance to meet you, he can either drop the question about dating or just leave it as friends, but it sounds like he is interested, so feel confident, he will want a relationship with you next time you meet,x


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