Am I insane or what?

Long story short,my ex girlfriend asked me in a group of friends how I feel for her new bf.I said that I really don't care but you should find a better person.He was trying while we were in a relationship to make her break up with me,so I think its natural to not like him.After 5 months of unofficial relationship and 8 months of official relationship we broke up,(some info).

And she replied well,he wasn't trying to break us apart,because we have never been together.I was your imaginary gf.All the 7 people on the table,almost fall of off our chairs.

Any reasonable explanations for this?I can't find any legit answers..


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  • People do nasty things to lash out, it's rude mean and innapropriate to ask and make everyone uncomfortable. No loss if you ask me

    • I think its nasty and really bad,but how can you say something like that for a person who you were once madly in love with.I find it dumb and bitchy...No I don't think its a loss for me,its a big win actually,i don't want people like her in my life!

    • I think it's dumb and bitchy too. What gets me is that all your friends would have wanted to sink through the floor. Take a deep breath and be glad you're rid of her, I will too for you :)

    • Tbh my best friend who is a girl told her to get the hell out of here,cause she doesn't even deserve to be insulted :P And yea I am glad she left :D

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  • Wow, what a cuntbag.

    Good thing she's no longer in your life.

    • Yea its really good that she isn't a part of my life,nothing good comes from people like her

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  • She's felling guilty, so she makes up a scenario to justify cheating on you.

    This tells you she was almost certainly with him even before you broke up--that's why she feels guilty enough to make up her own version of history.

    Just laugh in her face. Everyone who knows both of you knows the truth...

    • Well,i won't even laugh to her face,the shit talking and all these lies are enough to don't want to even make fun of her,just sick and despicable girl.

    • I understand how you feel, but if she pulls this rewriting of history again, a good laugh is what she should get.

      Best answer, no?

    • Hehe,i get it.Well,tbh all your answers were great,so I think it would be unfair to get a BA when I feel like all were worth for it

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