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i Haven't talked to an ex in forever---we didn't end well-I wished him a merry Xmas because I feel we ended bad and I don't like that plus I still have a few feelings locked away-he read it right away and a week later responded YOU TOO! HOPE YOU ARE WELL! I responded thanks, you too. how's life? he read it and hasn't responded yet-I'm assuming he might-or he might not respond within a week or 2---there are many reasons to why he waits to respond...1)he might have a girlfriend 2) doesn't care 3) not a priority---I'm just curious as to why respond at all if he doesn't care one bit (bc he stopped responding like half a year ago when we got in an argument) Just curious on opinions.


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  • I assume he wouldn't bother to respond at all if he didn't care. It might be he never got around to it since it wasn't a priority. It might be that he was indecisive about whether to respond or not and finally did. I'm not sure it makes sense to try to figure this out under the circumstances.

    • ya...I mean when I say we ended bad---i mean his friends messaged me rude things from his phone and I pretty much expressed he was lousy in bed...a lot of mistakes on both our end...I still care but so much time and bs has passed...i was always scared bout rejection w him because he was never very expressive-i mean who knows he could have a girlfriend by now

    • Entirely possible. If you don't think friendship can result from it, there's no good to be had from contacting exes.

    • i would like to be friends and a while back we wanted to, both of us...he wished we didn't end and I said lets just take one step at a time and be friends first-we hooked up and he was a jerk...then the issue w his friends and I got angry and pretty much ripped him a new a ** hole-i cared about him a ton

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