Moving on. Still keeping her as a friend?

I have a female friend that I tried to make her my girlfriend for the past 2 years and I have always been nice, caring, understanding, and being there for her. However, my feeling towards her had started to fade because she keeps on accusing me of lies, telling me that I did something wrong even though, I didn't, yelling at me when we play video games in a disrespectful manner, etc...

I was also kind enough that at Christmas, I gave a gift to her and her mom (to showcase my caring for her) and she still makes me feel guilty over something I can't remember since a month which I recalled, I did not do anything wrong. She keeps on bringing up the past even though, whatever I have done, if it's wrong, I admit it and apologize and move on.

So, I started to believe that she's not worth being my girlfriend even though, I still have feelings for her.

So, do you think this is the right choice? Move on and at the same time, keep her as a friend?


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What Girls Said 1

  • It is not working out. Stop going to her for sex or whatever you are getting that is preventing you from cutting the connection.

    • It's not going to her for sex and that's the least on my mind. I've been always nice to her because I am naturally nice. I still think of her of a great friend and will always but I will try searching for someone else.

What Guys Said 1

  • "I still think of her as a great friend" ?

    Go back, and read what you said about her, and what she does, and how she treats you. Do you really think she deserves such high praise from you? Move on my friend. I have a feeling she's very pretty, does it for you, and so you look at her with rose colored/goo goo gah gah classes. Honestly, she sounds like a bitc*


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