Why do ex's like to rub new partners in?

Hello everybody. Basically I broke up with cheating ex girlfriend 5 months ago. A week since the split she got a new boyfriend and rubbed it in my face. Then a month later she dumped him for another boyfriend who she's been with since. She keeps rubbing it in my face that they're a couple. PDAs sends me photos of them both together etc. because we have a child together I have to see her regularly or text her so I can't avoid when she chooses to show off her new boyfriend. I've kept my cool and been mature every since she started to play these games but it's starting to get to me. I think the main reason is because I've only been on 2 dates since the split and feel like I'm not going to meet anyone. Another part is the unfairness, she cheated and forced me to end the relationship yet she gets a new relationship 2 months later whilst I'm still single with no hope of meeting someone new.

Is there anyone that has any advice on how to deal with the unfairness and also offer me some hope that things will get better?


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  • I'd say when she sends you text messages showing off her new boyfriends, don't react in a negative way. Instead, just ignore it and act like it doesn't bother you. If you continue to not give her the reaction she wants, she's probably going to eventually get tired of it and stop doing it.

    You WILL meet someone else, I can promise you that. Take what this woman is doing with a grain of salt and know that she is only doing it out of her own self esteem issues since you broke up with her. She's trying to prove some kind of point to you that she can get other guys, but she is behaving very immaturely and needs to cut it out.

    Just have patience, things will get better in time.


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  • I had a similar post, my ex left me and immediately started dating the woman at work he'd denied liking and then rang to tell me!. I was so angry and realistically there's not much you can do without sinking to their level. I got some great answers which I can't claim credit for. Ill try and post a link for you since they helped me

    • Ok it's not linking, sorry, try searching for lady-like revenge and read the ba. If it doesn't work let me know and ill type it out, didn't want to claim credit

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    • Yes, very very very frustrating. The only thing I've found is that karma does exist. It just seems to take a few years to come round. I used a few of the suggestions in the other post to damp down the anger. I just never sent them. Realistically a fe years later half my exes family is now on better terms with me than him. I feel like I'm writing empty platitudes but if you get through the period of total rage, and you're totally being tested, I get that, you will be better off.

    • There's no empty platitudes it's all good advice thank you:)

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  • It makes them feel like they were not rejected. Boosts their ego. Arrogance. Competition.


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