What do I do about what his ex told me?

I have been dating a guy for 6 months and they have been great. We moved in together about 3 months ago. We met each others' family and have been alright living together. He is still good friends with his ex brother. His ex and him were together for about 3 years. I was looking for a job and he mentioned it to her brother and his girlfriend managed to get me a job with her. I also had a double date with the ex brother and girlfriend and my boyfriend. My boyfriend told me she broke up with him because she didn't want kids and marriage. She also had not worked for one year. When I went to dinner with her brother they all said the same thing. I met the ex mom and she told me my boyfriend was a good guy. About 2 weeks ago we got invited to the brother's birthday and this was the first time I would meet his ex. I went into the house and the ex was right there and I said Hi. She said Hi too and but she stared at my boyfriend with her head nodding from side to side. After about a minute of silence she talked to me for a little bit. She seemed nice and welcoming. When we were leaving my boyfriend told her bye but she ignored him but didn't ignore me. Her sister in law was making a drink and she told me they could make some for me if I wanted and I said I'd be back again. Anyways I have become friendly with the sister in law and told her we should go for drinks.

I went to meet her at her house and the ex girlfriend was there visting. The sister in law said she had to finish getting ready and the ex ad I stayed in the living room. The ex girlfriend told said to me "sucks doesn't it". I said "what sucks" and she said "to be lied to". She told me she had bad news to tell me about my boyfriend. I said what is it and she said that boyfriend tells lies, is shady and is selfish person. If I asked my boyfriend there was no point because he told lies anyways and you can't trust a liar. She said everyone else didn't want to say anything to me because they felt it wasn't their business including all her family. She said she told me because she's been there and knows how it feels. She told me the real reason why she broke up with him was because he had cheated on her more than once with women on Facebook. She said that I would either not get the truth from anyone or I would get it from her and that being an ex unfortunately came with the territory. She said I deserved to know who I was dealing with. Now the problem is I have noticed my boyfriend has started adding some women he doesn't even know. What do I do?


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  • A pretty miserable situation to be in. I suggest that you talk to one of the people who knows both your boyfriend and the ex well enough that they can be trusted to be impartial. Then tell that person everything that the ex told you. They will have to either confirm that your boyfriend is a liar or that she is a liar. Then you go from there. If this person says that the ex is the liar, assume that she wanted to poison you against him. There is no point in believing that it might be true because any doubt would poison the relation.


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