Ex boyfriend says the door is still open

So my ex of 2.5 years finally had our talk, bit of Limited contact and him chasing me for a conversation. We did sleep together but it was good and Idon't regret it. I just won't do it a agin.

Anyway he basically says the door is still open... I need to get my career sorted and myself established. However he keeps texting me and I want to speak just through email to give us both space. Here is our txt convo from earlier. I need advice on how I should pursue, this. Is he genuine, and will by sending an email rather than lots of txt's everyday make him miss me more. I don't need to be speaking to him every few hours as it doesn't let me get on with the things I need to do. But his txt's are good memory texts mostly.

Him 'Cool keep me posted. you know I'm always here x

I will just trying to get on with things now.

Him - What you mean?

Focused on what I've got to do

Him-Lol OK sorry

Why are you saying sorry?

Him- Because your trying to move on and you don't need me pestering you because it's part of your past x

Your not pestering me, and I want you in my life.

Him-I know :) going to be a big month, just want you to know the door isn't closed

I know that, I just know that in order to open that door fully, I need to do some big things and that is what I'm focusing on, so that the door isn't closed

Him- I understand its cool

This is a positive thing

Him-Ok well I will give you your space you need just know I'm always here x

I then go on to say it would be nice if we could email once a week and I wished him luck in his job.

He then told me to go and be the girl he fell for and sent a Mwahx kiss to me. After the I said I would and I promised. But then 20 minutes later he texted me a link to a video I don't know why.. Just to keep contact but I need some advice. I do want to eat back but I am ver cautious in how I approach this

Sorry the spelling is awful on this.

Last part is I do want him back, he the contacted me lol silly spelling!


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  • It sounds to me that he is more serious about you than you are about him. Tell him you just need more time, more space, and to take things slow..or just be friends...I don't believe this man is "playing you' so stop playing games with him. Be honest. You are not a woman who really wants a man back "full fledged" or "full time" right now.

    • It's not that I don't want to get back together. I just don't understand how to door can be left open, and I don't want to get my hopes up of a,reconciliation if that's not what's going to happen. What's worse is I don't know whether to go with the flow, when I should call him etc. I did say I wanted space, hence the email, but how much is too much space. Help!

    • It sounds as though you "want your cake and eat it too," sweetie..Give it some time..then contact him and talk when you know what you really want.

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  • I did understand a word...


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