Adjustments going back home?

I moved interstate and am going back home soon. There's a lot of things I miss and stuff about the place I moved to I don't like. Realistically though I don't want to get my hopes up too much because time and people have moved on and things will be different. I feel like things will be better when I'm home but while feeling everything will be better I know it's unlikely to be perfect. I'd like to know if anyone's gone through this, moved back home and some things disappoint or everything's different. I'd like to know what to be ready for


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  • Actually, I found that home had changed for the better; thngs I didn't like before, , I have outgrown my aversion to them; and things I didn't appreciate before, I'm old enough to appreciate now. For example, it doesn't seem so boring nay longer, since I appreciate the restaurants and cultural life there now...the ethnic diversity, more than I could when I was a teenager.

    And the relatively crime-free atmosphere, I REALLY like that now tht I'm a little older, and have been the victim of crime in the big city.


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