How to stop the skin on my hands from breaking all the time?

I don't know why, but my hands are always SO dry, even if I use moisturizer. When it's cold out, like it is now, the skin cracks in some places and it bleeds a little. I wear gloves when it's cold, I moisturize, and I don't wash my hands/use sanitizer compulsively (I know that that's sometimes a cause), but I can't seem to keep my skin from reaching the condition that it does. Does anyone have any "cures" or ideas? Thank you!


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  • You're probably a cigarette smoker. I would quit. Rub apple peels on your hands for dry skin, or kiwis.

    The kiwi will definitely sting, but the results will be fantastic.

    • Haha I actually don't smoke cigarettes. I do have a cigar once every now and then, but that's usually months in between. I'll give that a try though. How does it work?

    • reason I say the smoking is because I have heard of smokers having this problem

    • just cut an apple peel and rub it on your skin, same with kiwis, cucumbers read about varies fruits and veges, they work wonders.

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  • I think you should do more than just moisturise. You should get yourself a hand cleanser, yes I know it seems very feminine and some men have issues with that, but in fairness if your skin is cracking so much that it bleeds, it needs more care than just your avg moisturiser!

    You should do the following at least once a week, especially in cold weather - you can get away with doing it every two weeks in summer.

    1. cleanse , a good solid cleanser for your type of skin (combo, sensitive, oily, dry etc) *don't assume your skin type is dry, just because it's cracking in winter* - bathe your hands in lukewarm water and thoroughly cleanse. I would recommend doing this in the morning. A simple hand wash would suffice if you are to do the next step

    2. exfoliate. People always forget our skin does shed from our hands too. Our hands garner a lot of shedding, you don't notice that much because when you wash with soap or liquid it fades away, but it's a must to keep your skin going. Again the exfoliate depends upon your skin type!

    3. mask/masque - they do exist :P any type you want, sit it out for the 20mins watch TV or listen to music. If you're not using gloves the cotton type, then don't attempt to check your emails or open your post/mail. After the 20mins is up just wash off as normal with lukewarm water.

    And finally 4. Moisturise. As you know this is important, but what's more important is again the type of moisuriser you use. take into account your skin type, then take into account the weather, and finally the amount you use. If you over moisturise ,your skin tends to break easily ,thus the dry weather drying it out and cracking it and making it bleed. If you get a solid moisturiser ,it doesn't necessarily have to be advertised towards men, a womans neutral smell (no smell) one is just as good.

    The best thing after this is moisturising through out the day. In the colder weather you need moisturise at least twice as much than you normally would. So for example, if you moisturise twice a day, up it to four times. - Also note that the sanitser that you use will have an impact on your skin. The alcohol breaks down the skin, the more alcohol the more harsh it is. Even those gel types. If you find your hands become more dry with sanitiser than they do moist/smooth,you need to change to a different brand.

    I know this was a long post...but in fairness, if you really do care you'll read it :P (and my tips work! ask any of my male relatives/friends heh) - if this doesn't help I'd consult your dr as it may be more of an issue than just the cold weather. your health effects the way your body works ,and this includes your skin too (unfortunately)

  • Solution A (messy but effective): Buy a package of cotton, latex or nitrile gloves, then at night, rub olive oil all over your hands and wear the gloves. Remove in the morning & wash off any excess oil residue.

    Solution B: ALWAYS use moisturizer after you wash your hands.

    Solution C: RIGHT after you get out of the shower, immediately coat your hands in olive oil, jojoba oil or moisturizer and rub it in. Be thorough. Paper towel off any excess.

  • I'm guessing you work indoors in heating? If so your skin is probably drying out. Your skin is there 24hrs so wearing gloves the 1/2 hr your outside won't help. I'd use a moisturiser during the day and wear gloves at night. With moisturiser for the first 2 weeks at least, then if your skin improves just gloves

  • Try using gold bond and see if that helps, also try using this and see if it might could help with the skin breakage. link

  • Cerave moisturizing cream works wonders. It contains ceramides and helps rebuild the skin. Make sure you get the tub of cream not the lotion... It's at walgreens used to be prescription but now it's OTC.

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