Ladies would this offend you, if ex you dumped said he doesn't have the time to hate you and is over you?

Would this offend you in general even if you didn't want him back? Or would it only offend you if you wanted him back, and wanted him to beg for you etc?

My ex dumped me 3 weeks ago, she had previously dumped me after every small disagreement/argument every week for the last 2 months of our year long relationship. We are both 20 By the way. Last time she broke up with me after I just disagreed with her opinion that she wouldn't marry me if I didn't earn more than her by the time it was time to get married, she said she would dump me and never marry me if I didn't earn more. I just said it's modern times now everything should just be equal and didn't even get angry I just opposed her argument. She wanted to cuddle as normal in bed afterward and I wasn't in the mood so stayed on the other side of the bed. She then flew into a rage and dumped me and then blocked me on everything possible facbook/messenger/phone number.

We didn't speak for 2 weeks, she reached out trying to see how I was coping but I ignored it as I was just trying to get over her and didn't want to speak to her. She reached out again trying to see if I wanted to buy her gym membership of her. I need one so I replied, we spoke on messenger and she asked me why I didn't reply to her message about me coping before. I just said I didn't want to speak to her at the time but I'm fine now. I then said I don't have the energy or time to hate or hold grudges so it's fine now. She is the one who even proposed to being friends after the break up, I was over the situation so was just being friendly but she seemed short and cold with her reponses and kind of annoyed?

Ladies would you be offended by what I said about me not holding a grudge etc? I said that to mean we can be friends or at least civil because I was over the situation, she then replied "same" meaning she feels the same but was still cold and short in her responses?


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  • I apologise in advance if I'm wrong but pretty sure I replied to this question already and told you get out out out. This woman is emotionally manipulating you. Out didn't mean get out of the pool but then go back in and sit in the steps (aka be friends) you're in for trouble. I say once again who cares if she's offended, she is trying to control you, she's got away with it for ages, she's clearly still working at it, be polite if you run into her on the street but otherwise get the hell out. Or do you want to wait until your salary increases, she asks you back and then takes half your money?


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  • My god. Who cares?! This woman is a piece of work. You're better without her.

    Indifference is the best revenge if you need any at all and when best used you don't have to say it.

  • no but then again maybe she feels bad for the way things ended and wants to try and work it out and is still in love wiht you so maybe you should ask her how she's feel towards you and go from ther

  • Nope


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