Never made a decision like this but I don't regret it...what do you think? Was it a smart move?

I have been chatting and talking with this guy for over 8 months. We live distance away. He has family in the city that I live in (Oklahoma) and he lives in Georgia. He finally came home for New Years and we got to spend time with each other. The night before he left he planned on visiting me. I invited him over. I was nervous because this guy is a complete gentleman. I was not expecting that he was actually going to leave without spending the night. He told me that I am a special person. It is clear that we really like each other. I knew that he was going to leave for another 6 months and I wanted to be close to him. I am very bad at opening up. Knowing that he was going to leave and I may not see him in another 6 months I asked him to spend the night. It took me almost 30 minutes to get out (delay). He knew what I wanted to say. He told me that he wanted me but he didn't make a move because he know that I am special. I like him a lot and I just wanted to feel close to him after he leaves. He basically left the decision up to me even though he wanted me too. I thought that was so sweet. I don't regret it but have you been in the same position? Do you think that was a good move or should I have waited? Also, he says that the things he did with me while we made love was things he would never kiss. We made love and it was awesome.


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